Chris Sturgess


“As time has passed my passion and interest has gravitated naturally toward working with pregnant and post-natal women. As adults and especially parents we have a duty to be the positive role models in our children’s life. A Mother has a big responsibility during her pregnancy, and both Mum and Dad postpartum. By taking care and nurturing our health through exercise and nutritious food you can make a profound, positive impact to your little ones journey of life. Through our choices we all have the power to create a strong, healthy, happy family and not only ensure a positive experience throughout pregnancy but well beyond that to create a strong, healthy, happy family for the remainder of our lives and hopefully the life of our younger generations.”


Chris Sturgess, Owner and operator of Naked Health Personal Training, has been personal training for the better part of 10 years.

After studying to become a fully qualified personal trainer in 2007 Chris started off his career with Australia’s largest personal training franchise, Vision. Spending a good part of 5 years learning the essence of what the personal means in personal training. Among many things during that time Chris also completed his graduate certificate in business at UTS along with gaining a position as general manager in 2012.

In 2013 Chris chose to follow his passion and create Naked Health Personal Training. Since then, when not working closely with his clients, he has spent much of his time and money on professional development concerning pre and post natal exercise, nutrition and human behaviour.

After the birth of his son in 2015 it became largely apparent to him there was a clear lack of good quality professional advice concerning exercise for pre and post natal women. As Chris researched this further it was clear that the right approach to exercise had too many benefits to simply ignore for women, since then it has been his mission to share his expertise and knowledge and put to good use.

Formal qualifications:

  • Exercise for pregnancy and beyond certificate (Industry standard)
  • Cadence Institute of Nutrition and Health Coaching: Nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and lactation certificate
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner qualified
  • Level Two exercise professional: Gym instructor, personal trainer, older adult trainer, children’s trainer
  • ASCA: Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach
  • Level 1 boot camp and group fitness instructor
  • UTS: Post Graduate Business Management Cert
  • Boutagy Fitness Institute: Strength and Hypertrophy Level 1