Your Pelvic floor; what all women need to know!


You may be wondering about pelvic floor exercises after childbirth… Or you may have no idea. Have you even heard of Kegel contractions? It sounds a bit like a chip brand to me! Like grainwaves or twistys, but let me assure you it’s certainly NOT a chip brand! Kegels are pelvic floor exercises designed by

Guest Blog: Why having a PT is like being a contestant on the bachelor

By ActiveMumma*

When I first started with Chris as my PT I was struck by how awesome it was to have someone totally focused on me and my exercise and health needs. Every time I saw him he’d check up on my nutrition, how I’d be feeling, if I’d been to the gym since our last

Your children are little products of you!


I was driving home the other day listening to a podcast like I normally do, doing lots of thinking, and occasionally getting cut off by some crazy Sydney driver in a hurry. It was the Tony Robbins interviewing a man named John Wooden, a coach who has an exceptional winning rate with college