A perineal ultrasound experience

As I lay on the physio bed with no pants on and just a towel covering me up, while a physio has her ultrasound probe up my undies and placed on my perineum with four other female physios standing around watching I think to myself, that’s slimy and cold, and how did I

Five daily diet practices

Being a personal trainer, I tend to get asked a fair bit if I make food plans, and I have to admit that I quietly implode when I’m asked…

Not because I dislike that question, it’s because it’s such a simple request, yet such a complicated solution. In fact I feel so desperately helpless because if

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Choosing your childs probiotic

I think when I use the two words, pro biotics, you know what I’m talking about. The amount of spotlight this particular topic of health receives must currently be one of the most heavily researched areas in medical science today, surely! And fair enough, the human gut or micro biome is so astoundingly important to

3 ways to test if you have a protein deficiency

A full time job of mine, for over a decade now, has been working with people to make changes – to improve their health and their fitness. That sounds way better than me just saying I’m a personal trainer… I feel there’s a certain stigma around being a PT, like all we do

How to choose the right postnatal exercise professional

When it comes to ‘Exercise for Mums’, ‘Mums boot camps’ and ‘Post Natal fitness’ there are certain things all women who have had children of any age must know before signing themselves up.

Just recently I’ve noticed certain trainers or fitness specialists advertising so called Mums group training or ‘Mums bootcamp’, that

Women will apply more than 100 different toxic chemicals to her face and body every single day

“Do the best you can until you know better, when you know better do better” – Author unknown

This quote came up during a talk I attended just last week on detoxification, how to reduce toxins from your life and your body…  The talk inspired me to share with you what I know and what I practice

Guest Blog: Free child-care for everyone!

By ActiveMumma*

After having lived in Scandinavia for the last few years, I had come to take for granted that child-care was free. Yes, you heard me. FREE. Oh, sorry, technically you pay 200 bucks a month for childcare– yes, that’s right – *a month* (not much more than you would pay for a *day* of

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