Do you know where we get it? Why is it so important for you? 

The name can be a little misleading, as Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, rather, it’s a hormone the body produces naturally, in response to exposure to UVB rays from the sun, but there’s a caveat to that further on down, so read on. 

The reason why it’s so important to have high levels of Vitamin D, but not too high, for you and your kids are not just one.

  • It plays a key role in immunity, specifically in respiratory illnesses like the flu. It is shown to support the production of antibodies and defensive cells lining the throat and lungs. Meaning, when you or your little one come across a virus, the body is better equipped at mounting an immune response, so you don’t experience any or as many symptoms.
  • As we see more and more autoimmune conditions in children, Vitamin D seems to play a role in reducing this outcome. So if you’re reading this and you are currently, or planning to become pregnant, it’s an important time to have your vitamin D checked and at an optimal range.  
  • It’s a major player in bone health, by increasing the ability to absorb calcium in the gut, which is needed for proper bone growth and strength.It’s also been shown to help with gut health too! 

Firstly, get your vitamin D levels checked which is something you can ask your doctor about. A simple blood test will do it, it will cost you around $40, but it’s worth it. 

Once you receive your results, you really want your levels to be at the higher end of normal, which, according to many experts who study human health and vitamin D suggest around 100 nmols/L. 

If they’re below 50 nmols/L, it’s a good idea to take a supplement, or get more sunshine to bring your levels up. Depending on how low your levels are, where in the world you live and what season it is, will factor in how much you should take. 

There are more details to consider when it comes to Vitamin D, like your skin color and even genetics, but if you do go to the effort of having your Vit D levels checked, at least you have some knowledge now on what you’re looking for now.

Chris is an experienced holistic personal trainer and health coach, with experience coaching hundreds of people since 2007. Apart from being a family man, Chris spends his time helping everyday Mums and Dads lead a healthier lifestyle, and studying influential figures from around the world to gain a greater picture on what optimal human health really looks like.