At Naked Health we provide the nutrition education, but most importantly give you the tools to use that knowledge. Those tools being mostly behaviour targeted goal setting on a regular basis. By understanding your own habits you can then make necessary  changes to embed life long positive health improvements.

From a scientific perspective nutrition may be best described as the provision of all necessary compounds to the body to maintain life, body function and health. But let’s be realistic, you and I don’t eat compounds, you and I eat food, tasty food! And when we’re eating food the majority of people sure as heck aren’t thinking about maintaining life or bodily functions. Unfortunately many of us prioritise different areas in life and eating a well rounded diet can fall by the waist side in sacrifice of so called time.

However when there’s someone else to think about, your child who relies solely on your care that perspective may and probably will change. That’s when you actually will start thinking about maintaining your babies health and functions. Poor nutrition before and during pregnancy has lifelong effects on the growth and development of your baby. It’s more important to eat wisely during this time than practically any other time in your life. 

At Naked Health we have a strong belief in eating as much organic food as possible, drinking lots of good quality water, and at suitable times using nutritional supplementation, particularly before and during pregnancy where you and your baby will need it the most. Choose quality over quantity. By doing so you’ll be able maintain healthy blood sugar levels which play a key role during your day to day tasks, and by making wise food choices you really will notice the difference to your energy levels, sleep quality and immune health.